Tape Nail Art! 5 Nail Art Designs & Ideas Using a Scotch Tape!


Nail art can be so easy and simple with a help of a tape – everyone can create cool nail art designs, even complete nail art beginners. In this tape nail art tutorial, I show how to make 5 nail art designs or nail art ideas: heart nail art, bow nail design, tiles nail art, strawberry nail design and gradient pastel lines manicure. I show how to create these nail art designs step by step so you can follow this nail tutorial at home and DIY these cute but simple and easy nail art designs yourself. I have fairly short nails, but this nail designs are suitable for both, short and long nails. Two main tools you’ll need for this DIY nail tutorial are nail polishes and a tape.

Scotch tape allows us to create perfect shapes and lines for almost any kind of nail art designs. After applying a base coat to protect your nails and a background polish get your scotch tape ready and let’s make 5 cool, but girly and cute nail art designs (I explain these step by step nail designs in the tutorial, here is only the summary):

– Heart nails. Fold the tape and draw a half of the heart shape on the folded edge. You can create tons of different nail art designs this way. Basically any nail design that is symmetrical. Cut the shape out and unfold the tape and you’re left with a hole in a shape of a heart. Stick it to your nail and apply a nail polish (I used red and pink nail polish). You can apply a solid color with a polish brush, but I went for a nail art sponge to get the ombre heart nail design. Remove the tape and you’re left with an adorable heart nail art design. I love it since it is extremely cute, but very simple and easy to make! Perfect nail design for beginners! It also looks great on both short nails and long ones!

– Strawberry nails. After applying a base coat and a green background polish to your nails make a leaf by cutting a tape in a zig-zag shape. Place it on your nail and go over with a red nail polish. Finally take a toothpick or a nail art brush and draw some yellow dots to make your strawberry nail art design even tastier! This nail design is really beautiful and very colorful!

– Color blocking tiles nails. White nail polish for the base, cut 3 narrow stripes of a tape and stick them to your nail. Paint each quarter of your nail with a different nail polish color (I’ve chosen a lighter and a darker blue polish). Remove the tape and you’re left with a cool and unique nail art design.

– Bow Nails. If you’re precise enough you can use a nail art striper, but it is much easier, simpler and also quicker to use a tape. Draw a bow on a piece of tape and cut it in half along the main line. Then cut out all the details. Small nail scissors work best for this task. Stick the bow halves to your nail and fill the space between them with a contrasting color polish to your base (Pink background and black bow for me). I like to wear this one on my ring finger only for a lovely accent to the solid manicure. This nail art design is one of my favorite – It’s so sweet, delicate and girly!

– Pastel lines nails. This design is also very easy and simple to create — a perfect nail art design for beginners. There are only a few steps here but let’s go through step by step. Cut 3 narrow stripes and stick them to your nail parallel to one another. Take a beauty nail art sponge and apply polishes that you want on your nail (I went for pink and minty green color polishes). Tap it on your nail and quickly remove the tape stripes. This manicure turned out really lovely and cool at the same time.

Finally, apply a fast drying top coat to seal your nail art designs and surprise yourself with the outcome! It’s amazing how many different nail art designs can one pull off with a tool that everyone can find at home! Tape simply rules in nail art!

Help me translate this nail tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=xIuJVKnO37I

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